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PhD studies in Politics, Policies and International Relations

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The objective of the PhD studies programme in Politics, Policies and International Relations* is to train doctoral students to reach high levels of knowledge and analytical capacity relevant for an academic or professional career at the international level. Upon completion of the PhD, the successful candidate will have consolidated a wide range of transferable skills relevant for careers in research and teaching at academic institutions, research centers, and other knowledge-intensive sectors, both public and private, such as consultancy firms and international organizations.  In addition to specialized expert knowledge within a particular field, the PhD students gain experience and competence in designing research projects, resolving methodological issues, communication and public outreach skills. The outlook of the PhD programme is highly international. This is reflected in the profile of the doctorate students and their mobility during their training and research activities.


The programme is offered in English, Spanish and Catalan and applicants with no prior knowledge of Spanish and Catalan can follow the programme. 


This doctorate is the result of a merger of the three doctoral programmes of  Political Science, Public Policy and Social Transformation and International Relations and European Integration. These three programmes, all with a prior trajectory of high quality and outstanding evaluations from the Ministry of Education and Science, have decided to join forces in order to create a programme that incorporates more research lines and researchers and with the potential to take on a leading position within social science doctorates in Spain.


For further information regarding the Quality Assurance System of PhD studies at the UAB, and the regulation for how to inscribe, deposit and defend a thesis, please consult the webpages of the School of Postgraduate Studies, UAB.  (Spanish version)