Format of PhD theses

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Format of PhD theses accepted within the PhD programme in Politics, Policies and International Relations

In accordance with the general rules of the PhD programmes at the UAB (section 358), a PhD thesis deposited at this university must include:


  • Section 1: An introduction to the research theme and objectives of the thesis, a description of the research undertaken, a discussion of the results, conclusions and a bibliography. Moreover, the thesis can include as many annexes as the author considers convenient. The PhD thesis can include results of research presented in conferences or published in articles. 
  • Section 2: The front cover of the PhD must state that this is a PhD thesis, the title, the subtitle if necessary, the author, the supervisor, the academic tutor, the name of the PhD programme. In case of a PhD thesis that consist of more than one volume, the number of the volume must be clearly indicated.




Within the PhD programme in Politics, Policies and International the PhD thesis can take three forms, each of which must adhere to points 1 and 2 of section 358.


1.  A PhD thesis as monograph, that is the PhD in ‘book-form’.


2.  A PhD thesis as a collection of publications consisting of at least 3 papers of which at least 2 are published (articles or book-chapters) and at least one of them in an international journal.

  • Only one of these publications or papers can be co-authored. In case of a co-authored paper/article, the PhD candidate must include a statement from the co-authors that a substantial part of the work has been undertaken by the PhD candidate. In exceptional cases the Academic Commission may accept a second co-authored paper/publication
  • No paper/publication can form part of more than one PhD thesis. When a paper/publication is co-authored with another PhD candidate, these co-authors must renounce in writing presenting the paper/publication as part of their own PhD dissertation.
  • The papers/publications must be published after the date of the inscription of the PhD thesis.
  • All of the articles/publications must make reference to the UAB in connection with the affiliation of the PhD student or the supervisor, or that the acknowledgements or a footnote states: ‘This work has been realized in the context of the PhD programme in (insert name of programme) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.     


3. A PhD thesis as a collection of (unpublished) papers consisting of at least 3 papers which can potentially be accepted in international journals or publications (edited volumes).

  • The same rules regarding co-authorship that apply to thesis per compendium also applies to this format of thesis.
  • The report of the supervisor(s) and academic tutors must specifically confirm that the papers forming part of the dissertation can be accepted for publication of which at least one in an international journal.


Before depositing the PhD thesis in the format of a collection of publications or a collection of papers, the PhD candidate must submit the thesis and the report of the supervisor (s) to the academic commission of the PPIR programme. The PhD candidate can only deposit the thesis in the Doctoral School once the academic committee and the coordinator of the programme have established that the thesis complies with the requisites outlined above. The academic committee reserves the right to undertake an external evaluation of the thesis before approving the deposit which can take 4-6 weeks.


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